Go Green, make your own chlorine

Solar powered salt water chlorinator for your swimming pool.

SunChlor works by converting ordinary salt (sodium chloride) into two components namely sodiume and chlorite.

Once the chlorine does its job of disinfecting you pool water by oxidizing the contaminates and destroying bacteria and algae, it converts back to salt.

Sun Chlor will pay for itself in less than 12 months

Monthly traditional pool costs vs the Sun Chlor saving:
Pool pump @ 6hrs / day R268.00   70% Electricity Saving R188.00
Pool Chemicals R140.00   90% Chemicals Saving R126.00
Total monthly cost R408.00   Total monthly saving R314.00

The advantages of a solar powered salt water chlorinator

Free chlorine all day long
Save up to 70% on your pool’s electricity bill as your pump no longer needs to be operating for the chlorinator to work.
No installation cost
Works in cloudy water
No chlorine smell, taste or feel
No chemical residue or by products
No algae
No handling or transporting of chlorine
No Red eyes, dry skin or green hair

The models

SunChlor is available in three models, The P-10, the P-20 and the P-30.

The P-10 is suitable for pools up to 25 000 litres. The only only difference between the P-20 and the P-30 is the number of litres (size of your pool) that they treat (40 000 litres versus 60 000 litres).

Sun Chlor comes in 3 sizes:


For pools up to 25 000 litres

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For pools up to 40 000 litres

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For pools up to 60 000 litres

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