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How much can I save?

The average pool owner has been able to trim their pump run time their pump run time from 8-10 hours per day, down to 2-3 hours a day.

This is an average energy savings of R240.00 per month. Without the expense of buying chlorine and algaecides the pool owner can save as much as R4000.00 – R5000.00 per year.

Is it safe to swim with the Sun-Chlor in the pool?

Yes, it is safe to swim while the Sun Chlor is in the pool. However it is recommended that is be removed while swimming and not to use it as a floating device.

What happens when it rains or there is a week of bad weather?

As with any chlorination device, it is recommended to shock the pool especially when there is a lot of rain and bad weather (test your pool water first).

Is it all right to have the Sun Chlor in the pool when it rains?

Yes, the Sun Chlor is a weather resistant system, With heavy hail remove it.

Is there a risk of an electrical shock from the Sun Chlor?

No, Sun Chlor produces a low voltage, non-harmful DC Power that will not cause or transmit an electrical shock.

Will rain or water buildup on the solar panel affect output?

No, water on the solar panel will not affect output. However, it is recommended that the solar panel be kept clean, as a dirty panel will affect the output.

What is the warranty on the Sun Chlor?

The Sun Chlor comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

How do I know how many litres of water there is in my pool?

Multiply L x W x D (average depth) x 1000 = total litres.

How long does the solar cell plate and electrode last?

The expected life-span of the solar cell is 20 years and the electrode is 5 years.

Which Sun Chlor is most appropriate for my pool?

There are three models:

  • P-10 up to 25000 litres pool
  • P-20 up to 40000 litres pool
  • P-30 up to 60000 litres pool
Does any pool equipment have to be changes?

No, there are no changes needed.

Simply add salt and stabilizer to the swimming pool, place the Sun Chlor unit in the water and it is ready to make chlorine.

What is the size and weight of the Sun Chlor?

The size is 49cm x 53cm and weighs 4kg.

What does the salt level have to be in a pool?

The ideal level of salt for the Sun Chlor is 3500 to 4000 ppm.

That does the stabilizer level have to be in a pool?

The ideal level is 80 to 100 ppm

Why does the pool need stabilizer?

The stabilizer’s function is to stop chlorine dissipating from the suns ultra violet rays.

Salt and stabilizer levels should be checked 3 to 4 times a year.

How does Sun Chlor compare against other salt systems?

Sun Chlor is half the price of other systems.

With energy costs, chemicals and installation factored into the equation, Sun Chlor is by far a better choice.

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